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HackFu is an cyber security event filled with challenges designed around hacking, scripting, tinkering, lock-picking, crypto, and generally thinking outside the box.  Hosted in a secret, yet highly-theatrical environment, security pros and enthusiasts are thrown together in an immersive live storyline that plays out over the course of two days. 

From start to finish, skills will be tested, fun will be had and nothing will be as it seems... Welcome to HackFu.

"The aim of HackFu is to test and improve current cyber security and team-working skills, allow exploration into technical areas outside an individual’s comfort zone and inspire participant teams to come up with creative solutions to difficult problems. This, in the long term aims to cultivate individuals with the right attitude and technical approach to solve the complex issues that face the cyber security industry."Martyn Ruks, Technical Director MWR

HackFu 2016

In 2016, MWR ran HackFu events in both the UK and South Africa. 

The UK event took over historic Newhaven Fort, during which the fictional Cyber Corps enlisted 100 recruits to help in the defusing of mocked up nuclear bombs, something that literally went right down to the wire, with the final bomb being defused with 14 seconds to spare! 

Our inaugural African event saw competitors being granted safe refuge from a zombie inducing virus unleashed on the World. Over 50 people were granted sanctuary enabling them to uncover the nefarious work of RWM by completing lockpicking, hacking and logic based challenges.

The HackFu Blog

During the run-up to, during and after HackFu, we will be featuring a number of  in-depth articles on this site covering a wide variety of subjects.

Check back regularly to receive the latest insights on the world of cybersecurity through the HackFu lens.

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MWR InfoSecurity, a world leader in cyber security, has been running HackFu for seven years, initially as a internal training conference and later as the community-focused event it is today.

Established in 2003, MWR is a research-led information security consultancy, with a client list consisting of Dow Jones, NASDAQ, FTSE 100 companies and Government agencies & departments.

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