What is HackFu?

For the past ten years MWR have run a team-based semi-competitive event known as HackFu, which has evolved over the years to encompass many of the key aspects of cyber security.

Originally started as an internal training event, HackFu has now expanded it's scope dramatically, now inviting a wide variety of competitors in a bid to close the cyber security skills gap. HackFu is organised by MWR InfoSecurity - the global research-led security consultancy, and currently run the event on an annual basis at locations in the UK and South Africa. 

HackFu aims to test and improve existing cyber security and team work skills amongst the industry’s best emerging talent, through a series of tasks and challenges that push participants to explore beyond their comfort zones. Prior to an event, MWR runs a global competition  to find the most gifted security minds of the world, as well as a local competition for budding infosec enthusiasts, who’ll win a place at this invite-only event.

Not only does HackFu serve to teach and inspire a new generation of security professionals, but it also encourages individuals to actively consider and develop new approaches and alternative thinking skills in an innovative and fun way. The two day event sees contestants face a variety of activities designed around hacking, scripting, tinkering, lock-picking, crypto, and generally thinking outside the box. The challenges that teams face include, but are not limited to: network infrastructure, web applications, hardware reversing, radio frequencies, operating systems, logic puzzles all the way through to bespoke systems like message queues and SAP.

The event is typically surrounded with a cloud of mystery and secrecy, to heighten the impact of the theatrical elements on the day. While the exact destination will remain classified to those invited until the very last moment, previous locations have included a Napoleonic fort, a former prison, a nuclear bunker in Essex, the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum and a Gloucestershire mansion that was converted into a Wild West town especially for the event. There’s no doubt that  HackFu is one of the highlights of the cyber security industry calendar.

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