HackFu 2012

In 2012 we took HackFu to East Anglia and took over part of an old RAF base in the name of investigating an incident on our Moon colony.

Bentwaters Park is a commercial enterprise centre which operates on parts of the RAF Bentwaters Air Base. The building that the contestants were located in were actually used in the Channel 4 TV series Space Cadets and there were still some traces of this left behind. The main structure we were using was known as the Star Wars building and was the perfect place to direct the teams operations in Space.

At this event the theme had the teams battling against each other in the year 2139. Humankind had not learned any lessons and after several global conflicts had exhausted resources on the Earth. Out of necessity the four main power blocks that had formed were required to work with each other to investigate the loss of comms with the Moon Base colony that had been established to recover the Moon's resources which were now needed on Earth. The teams therefore had to contend with the competing forces of the needs of their own people, those of the Earth and the commercial entity InfoCorp. This company was the dominant commercial entity on Earth and was seemingly looking to increase its grip on global power.

The scenario therefore necessitated the teams battling each other in a series of skirmishes, working together when needed and most importantly trying to throw off the yoke of their commercial overlords InfoCorp. Oh and at the same time work out what had happened on the Moon. At the end the teams were able to solve the mystery of the moon base which turned out to be a failed plot by InfoCorp to reignite tensions on the Earth using a new genetically engineered virus.

In the end it was a victory for the human spirit and the promise of peace in the 22nd Century.

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