HackFu 2014

In 2014 we set ourselves our most ambitious challenge in turning a fantastic gothic mansion into a Wild West town. The main reason for doing this was to create a real world environment that the contestants could explore and investigate as part of the back story that we created.

Being such an historic and protected location with the building and surrounding land being managed by the Woodchester Mansion and National Trusts respectively, this created a framework for behaviour and actions. In effect this created the rules of the game, with challenges and puzzles that encouraged creative thinking and problem solving whilst constraining actions and limiting some aspects of the solutions. This very much mirrors the environment we face when dealing with problems in the cyber security space.

On the other hand the venue was just a great place to live as a cowboy or cowgirl for a few days. We could saddle up and ride into town on a horse, walk down the boarded sidewalks of main street or even have a go at robbing the bank vault in the underground cellars - not forgetting the opportunity to play cards and have a bourbon or two in the Saloon. 

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