HackFu UK

HackFu UK 2016 took place within Newhaven Fort on the South Coast of England, where the event saw over 100 competitors working together, both remotely and on-site, to decrypt messages, complete challenges and much more to foil a fictional nuclear bomb plot. 

Thankfully they were successful in their mission, defusing the final device with seconds to spare!

The theme of this year’s HackFu was a spoofed military academy, known as the ‘Cyber Corps’ – a training school where the best and brightest in security were recruited to fight crime using their unique skills. Attendees were told upon arrival that five nuclear bombs had been hidden around the site, with just 48 hours before they would detonate. 

The recruits needed to draw on their collective expertise to complete a number of hacking challenges and solve logic puzzles that ultimately led them to blueprints that would allow them to solve the final challenge – to diffuse the five explosive devices. 

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