HackFu ZA

HackFu ZA 2016 took place at an old warehouse known as the Old Tin Factory in Sandton, Johannesburg where the event saw over 50 competitors working together, to complete challenges and much more to save the world from a zombie inducing plague.

The theme of this year’s event in South Africa HackFu involved a fictional organisation called RWM Labs, which during the event the competitors discovered to be responsible for the virus turning those on the streets into zombies. The storyline for the event drew heavily on the world created for a competition run by MWR that preceded the event. Many of the competitors at the event in South Africa had successfully completed the challenges in this competition thereby winning a place at the event. For those of you that didn't complete the competition we've also published the HackFu 2016 Challenge storyline

Thankfully the teams were able to infiltrate the shadowy organisation behind the plot and save humanity, if not themselves! You can read more about the storyline behind the event what the teams achieved in the HackFu ZA 2016 Postscript.

The challenges at every HackFu are specifically designed to teach an aspect of Cyber Security, sometimes in completely new and innovative ways. If you'd like to understand how some of that was achieved then read our blog article about the 1st HackFu in South Africa.  You'll also find links to an in depth breakdown of one of the highest rated challenges at the event, a puzzle that was attempted by all attendees irrespective of their background and technical level.

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