Challenge 4 - The Signal


The campfire is down to smouldering embers. You listen to the signal coming from your radio. One again, you double check the frequency and wiggle the dial in hopes you’re just slightly off and this strange noise isn’t what you’re actually supposed to be hearing.

No such luck. You’re not sure why you were expecting things to be easier. There was absolutely no way that MM, whoever they may be, would have given you a straightforward audio message. There’s another puzzle here, and there’s going to be more coming.

You listen to the sound as it loops a few more times, and then place the radio carefully on the ground before reaching once more for your trusty laptop.

You toss some more wood on the fire.


You’ve got it! You’ve deciphered the message hidden in the audio, and it didn’t even take you all night.


After all that, you’re a little perturbed by MM’s terseness, but that feeling is soon overcome by one of intense interest at the thought of what challenge could be at Eden, of all places.

The Garden of Eden Enclave, commonly just called Eden, is a walled fortress settlement shrouded by secrecy and surrounded by security. No-one knows for sure what goes on inside, but rumours abound about the great luxury and comfort of the lives of the elite few who live there. They say Eden is a paradise, with real trees and grass, pure, flowing uncontaminated water, and a society similar to those of the world before the bombs.

They also say it’s impossible to get in, so you’re not quite sure how MM expects you to even get to a challenge in the enclave, let alone actually solve it.

Well, you’ve got this far. Your eyelids are heavy from a long day of walking and thinking, and you’re asleep before your head hits the bundle of rags.

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