Mutant Epilogue

You chose to help MM complete his plan.


Humanity destroyed their planet, and themselves. In hundreds of years, once society has built itself up to where it was before, who’s to say we won’t do the same thing again? Who’s to say this hasn’t happened many, many times before?

MM wants to break the cycle. He wants to take things in a completely new direction, without the pain and suffering sick, broken humans inflict on themselves and each other. But first, he needs to wipe the slate clean. It’s a hard choice to make, but someone has to make it.

“I understand,” you tell MM. “For the sake of a better tomorrow, I will help you with your plan.”


MM presses another button on his remote control. On the inside of the vat the child is sleeping in, a compartment opens up in the wall and a mechanical arm extends out. The arm ends in a syringe filled with clear-coloured liquid.


You look away as the syringe plunges downward.


The red blur of a flying car zooms by the window. It looks like one of the newer models, powered by non-nuclear energy. You turn your head and watch as it rapidly shrinks into the horizon before turning back to the room’s interior.

MM lies on his deathbed. Weeping, blue-skinned newmans (really a cheesy name for a species, but it stuck) crowd around him. They conscientiously make way for you to come through and stand at your mentor’s side.

MM smiles at you serenely. It’s almost time. He says nothing, as he has been completely unable to talk for the past year, since his mutant-but-still-overstrained vocal chords gave out. But you understand what he wants to tell you. He is thanking you for the choice you made, and for your years of service by his side.

Humanity’s great sleep was initiated on that day in the manor, and the virus rapidly spread across the world. The old humans were put to rest, and then the first newmans – completed with selections from your DNA – were released into the world.

In two days they independently discovered how to make fire. Under the tutelage of MM and yourself, it took them ten years to establish villages, and another ten to build the first new cities. Five years ago they flew in airplanes for the first time, and just last year the Newman Federation flag was planted on the moon’s surface.

When MM breathes his last in a few minutes, you will be the last remaining human being on Earth. And you’re not even sure you can still call yourself human after the modifications you’ve undergone to extend your lifespan. Your skin’s only slightly greener than it was originally, but you feel very different internally to how you did before.

MM is taking long, deep breaths now. His large green hand reaches out to grab yours. You clasp your mentor’s hand with both of yours and hold it tight as the life slips from his body.


You watch MM’s funeral from a screen. MM’s manor was beautifully restored by the newmans and outfitted with all the most modern comforts and amenities. It’s just as well too, because due to your mutations you’re unable to leave.

You originally agreed to MM’s life extension process in the early years, when the newmans were young and had much to learn. It was decided then that you and MM would mentor and guide the new race in restarting civilisation, and that you would need to continue this mentorship alone after MM’s passing.

But the newmans learned and grew much faster than anticipated, and there remains nothing for you to teach them. They have completely repopulated and reinhabited Earth, and live in much cleaner, friendlier communities than the humanity you knew did. Their technology has already surpassed that of your ancestors in many ways, and the entire race is politically united as a single, worldwide nation.

Technically, you hold an advisory role in the upper echelons of the government, but it has been a long time since you’ve been called on to advise. The newman government funds your comfortable, homebound lifestyle mostly out of habit. You are respected, but already seen by most of the population as an historical figure rather than a modern, living entity.

All of this happened exactly as you wanted.

You smile and lie down for a nap.


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